Dear customers ,

how long have we known the older blow molding machines from 1980 – 1990 and 2000 years.

These also come over the years and we really appreciate that we still have the

Have the opportunity to reorder a large number of parts or to manufacture them yourself.

But what about the electrical and electronic parts?

It doesn’t look so rosy here at all. Parts that are now 30 years and more old

Nobody repairs these days, and certainly not the manufacturers.

We have made it our business to overhaul or repair these parts again.

If you also have older parts to be repaired, let us give you a cost estimate for the

Make repairs and then decide whether or not you want to have it repaired.

Many customers are already grateful to us for this and we hope for more customers that we can convince of our work.

We also test servo valves, position transducers, etc. on our test system (see picture).