50mm Centerline Blowpinholder - with high adjustment

we offer you :

A world novelty ,

we have designed the first Blowpin Receptable which has a quick coupling and an integrated high adjustment - others can do this too 

                                    - but not with a 50 mm Centerline -

We have been asked again and again by the Cosmetics and Pharmacytical Industry (we have already produced the 60 mm BDAN (Blowpinholder) whether it would not be possible to manufacture these BDANs with a 50 mm Centerline - but also with a quick coupling and high adjustment.

We refused again and again, as I am sure others did. But then an incentive was created and we tried it. Many, many problems arose, but it was mastered. 

Today we are the first company that has new heads and blow moulds made so that they can use our Blowpinholder there cannot be a better compliment for our work.

If you have moulds with 50 mm Centerline- and if it comes even better also a head, then we will gladly provide you with our BDAN. 

Why do we do this and above all our customers ?

With a double machine and one more cavity per side, do you know what comes out at the end of the year ?

You will be amazed !