Testrun with a repaired electronic Unit

This is to show our customers that no module or repaired card leaves the service workshop without being checked.

The customer sends us his defective card/module and we check what kind of error is present.

We then inform the customer how high the costs will be and the customer can then decide for himself whether he wants the repair to be carried out. If not, a lump sum will be charged, which the customer has to pay for the fault finding. If the customer wants the repair to be carried out, this lump sum will be included in the repair price.

If a card has been repaired by our service technician, we have the possibility to check all cards and modules on a tester once again in its function. We create a repair protocol and make a video of the test procedure. This video is sent to the customer and he can be 100% sure that his repaired device will leave our workshop in perfect working condition.

Hundreds of customers have already been convinced of this.