Blowpinholder with high adjustment and Quick coupling

What do we offer ?

Blowpinholder with high adjustment are not new and also those with quick change devices have been on the market for a while. Why do we still build these BDANs today ?

We have opened up a whole new division with the 50 mm  BDAN !

We don't start building them when the customer orders them from the manufacturer, but we have them in stock and can deliver them immediately. We see this as a great advantage for the customer.

We have seen that some big companies build a kind of bar where all BDANs are screwed on, this may also work, but we are convinced that the individual adjustment of each BDAN - especially in high - still achieves the best result.

Try it out !

The Blowpinholder without high adjustment has been manufactured so that even heavy containers - e.g. without a handle - can be held securely on the pin and transferred safely. Two screws help to secure the Blowpin and three spring pieces inside the Adapter prevent the Blowpin from sliding out. 

Everything has been thought of.

Ask for it !