60mm Centerline- with high adjustment and quick change coupler

Dear customers

We have improved our proven Blowpinholder by another positive detail.

With prolonged use or incorrect tools, one could notice that the turning spindles for adjusting the Blowpin in the housing had loosened ,or that the milled Allen inserts in the turning spindles had worn off.

The bronze inserts were glued in place with Loctite and had only two 4.0 mm holes to unscrew them from the housing. If you did not have an auxiliary tool, you had to use a pair of snap ring pliers or a hammer and screwdriver to loosen or unscrew them. This usually ended with the destruction of the Hole, the screwdriver or the destruction of the lock nut. ( bronze ).

We have therefore milled a 10 mm Imbuss socket into the bronze insert and give the setter the possibility to unscrew this insert easily with a Imbuss socket spanner due to the higher effort that is now possible.

These Nut inserts were very expensive to produce and therefore also very

very cost-intensive. We have now, without changing the prescribed

materials or the machining of the surfaces, we have now found a way to reduce these manufacturing costs.

 Of course, we would like to pass this on to our customers.

Let us convince you and request a quotation.