Rexroth Amplifire board VT-3015

Dear Customer,

we repair amplifier cards for proportional valves.

The VT 3015 was one of the most used amplifier cards from Rexroth. There are still thousands of cards in the industry sector.

If you send us your defective card, we will examine the card and give you an estimate.

Then you can decide whether you want to have the card repaired - or not.

The customer pays a fee for the preliminary examination to prepare a cost estimate, but this is offset against the final bill if the customer decides to have the card repaired.

We are in the fortunate position of having a test machine that can simulate the operation of a blowing machine.

We can therefore check the function of each card, whether it carries out the functions that it has to carry out on a blowing machine. (Start up, speed, damping) You will also receive a video from us of this test run of your own card.

This way you can be absolutely sure that exactly your card has no more faults in his functions.

It doesn't get any safer than this.