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E-B-E stands for extrusion blow molding equipment

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Over 40 years of technical experience in the blow molding machine construction and blow molding machine business, which was gained through working at Bekum Berlin and B. & amp; W. (now Uniloy / Milacron), among other things, through numerous worldwide planning and assembly assignments for blow molding machines and their various types of equipment.

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Close contacts to Bekum and B. & W. as well as to numerous customers and suppliers at home and abroad are the basis for our successful work. Here you will always get the latest information about our services and offers. We also present lists of salable blow molding machines and spare parts. You receive both new and used as well as refurbished blow molding machines as well as new and used spare parts for your blow molding machine.

E-B-E | Your partner in blow molding technology

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Blow pin holder with height adjustment

The blow pin mounts shown here are mounts that are required in a blow molding machine (machines for the production of bottles and canisters. The old mounts were threaded and had to be unscrewed – the new ones are held in place with a kind of bayonet lock When the locking ring is pressed down, it is released again by the balls pushing back. The absolute highlight, however, is the individual height adjustment of the blow pin in this blow pin holder. This is particularly useful for setting up the blow pins in a production with several blow pins. Here, each blow pin can have one its height can be adjusted until it clearly calibrates the waste and completely separates the neck waste from the container.

Repair of VT cards and Bosch modules

We also check VT amplifier cards VT 3000, VT 3006, VT 3015, VT 3008, VT 5000, VT 5006 and & nbsp; Bosch modules (time units) which are responsible for the mold movement or calibration.

Of course, we also check and repair stroke modules for the carriage movement & nbsp; – and checked on a test stand after the repair. This gives you 100 percent certainty that your repaired card is fully functional.
All cards and modules are checked, a repair report is made and a cost estimate is sent to the customer. They can then carefully consider whether they want to have the card or module repaired or whether they want to order an exchange card or module.